I was born in sunny San Diego where I was raised by two pretty awesome parents. I have a younger brother who I consider a best friend, and despite his insistence, he is not the favorite child. Spanish was my first language and I come from a big, loud Mexican family. I am very proud of my Latina roots.

I've been a bookworm since I was around four years old begging my parents to read to me. I quickly grew tired of them skipping pages and figured it best to just read for myself. I've loved Paddington, Ramona and Matilda, then came Harry, Ron and Hermione. Agatha Christie is my favorite author, J.K Rowling is a close second. You wouldn't know it  from reading this, but my taste is actually quiet varied. Like any reader worth their salt, my to-be-read list is eclectic and goes on for days.    

I'm a proud USC Trojan and left a piece of my heart in LA. I picked the wrong major not once but twice, but stuck with Business because it seemed like I should. I graduated and spent almost a decade working in Corporate America, loving the people I worked with but feeling wholeheartedly unfulfilled. 

All along, I read and I blogged as outlets for my creative energy; then I turned 30 and decided enough was enough. I took a giant leap of faith in March of 2015 and left my job to official call myself a writer. Then I got nervous. And scared. I had a lot of people in my ear telling me I was crazy. I gave in. I went back to a role in management.

Two years later, I went on a vacation to England that changed my life. I came back wanting more out of life and feeling brave enough to ask for it. So I quit my job - for real this time. I'm a bookseller at an indie book shop and looking for freelance work. I am alive.  

I am ever the avid reader and seeker of beautiful libraries and bookstores. I'm trying to own all of Agatha's published works and dream of a owning a cottage in the Cotswolds. The older I get, the more I consider myself a feminist and champion for body positivity. This blog is therefore an expression of everything from my love of books and travel and storytelling to my interest in women’s issues, and everything in between that tickles my fancy or makes my blood boil.

Thanks for stopping by! Here's to daring to be a creative and not fitting into neat little molds.

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