Buenos Diaz, friends.

The original plan this weekend was to post an installment from Bookishly Yours on some of the books I’ve recently devoured and highly recommend. That entry was postponed until next week. Some members of my family are fighting an uphill battle at the very start of an impossibly difficult journey at the moment; the severity of their struggle came to light over the weekend and has left many with heavy hearts. My heart goes out to each and every one of them, I pray that they find some sense of relief, tranquility, guidance and eventual peace. 

Life begins and ends when we least expect it, but the in-between is just as marked by the possibility of sudden, unpredictable change. We could then all do a better job of being present, of practicing empathy, of living positively, and of loving openly - not just when tragedy strikes or at special times of year, but in the regular course of our everyday lives.

Let us each enjoy and remember the simple joy of life's tiny pleasurable moments, the ones that are but a blip in time but mark themselves indelibly in our hearts.

Bookishly yours,