BUENOS GOSH DAMN DIAZ, y’all. It’s about time, right? I woke up this morning, threw this new Beyoncé on and got to writing with a very clear idea of what I wanted to say.

My last post was in November of last year, which seems like forever ago. In truth, I kept writing and was never satisfied with the finished product. My work and social schedule were both on full throttle mode during the holidays, which was at once both exhilarating and exhausting. As my close friends know, I’ve been battling an epic run of insomnia which has in turn rekindled my ever-infuriating struggle with headaches. In short, I felt too tired to write, to read. I went on autopilot: gym, work, cook, sleep (but not). Why haven’t I learned that this strategy never f*cking works???

So in January, I jumped on the “new year, new me!” ridiculousness, which I usually don’t subscribe to but worked for me in that moment. I reminded myself of what everyone already knows and what I’ve said in this damn blog before - I like to read, I like to write, and I’m happiest when I do both.

Today’s drop of wisdom then is this: walking away from or even just stowing away your passions, even when it feels like you really don’t have the time to indulge them, will never stop those passions from tickling the hell out of your fancy. The desire to pursue those passions will linger and creep back up on you, then slap you in the face one day like a crazy, neglected girlfriend begging you to notice her saucy new haircut and brand-new dress.

So! What does any of this have to do with my blog? Well, I’ve restructured it into a few different categories. One of obstacles I kept encountering was wanting to write about a myriad of different topics and not knowing if they fit into the theme of my blog. Then I remembered that I don’t answer to any blog police and that this blog is mine and mine only. So that’s what I’m going to do. Here are the new headers/categories you’ll find here (giggles with excitement).

  • All the Thoughts: This is the traditional “blog” part of my blog, if you will: my musings, my stories, my reflections. This is where I will express my thoughts on everything from current events to dating struggles to my dad’s crusade to marry me off before Obama’s term is over.
  • Bookishly Yours: This is where my bookworm freak flag will fly, proud and true! I’ll post reviews or discussions of recent or favorite reads, authors, book trends, etc. Typing this summary alone is giving me so much life right now. Heeheehee. Man, I love to read.
  • The Six-One-Dine: You know what else I love to do? Eat and drink. Who doesn’t?? I have the privilege of living in America’s Finest City where the food scene has changed by leaps and bounds over the last several years, and that is something to be very excited about. Here I’ll clue you in on all the places I explore for the love of a good bite, sip and eye-catching ambiance.
  • Do This, Trust Me: I thought of calling this section everything from “Spend Your Money Here” to “Cool Sh*t.” This is the space I’ve dedicated to ranting and raving about products I love, events you have to take part in, etc. It’ll be great, trust me.  
  • Ask V: Whether because people actually find me funny or intelligent or maybe just like to hear a chatty Latina go off on a sarcastic diatribe from time to time, people are constantly suggesting that I should incorporate an “Ask Vanessa” section in my blog or create a YouTube channel dedicated to the endeavor. I always found the idea laughable, like doing this would make me look a little too into myself and out of touch with my own entertainment value. Still, I continue to get this suggestion so I’m giving it a go. I mean, blogging in and of itself assumes that someone wants to know what I think, right? Send any inquiries to , if you dare.

So there it is! Thank you for your faithful readership and indulging in my little pipe dream. Have a great week, and stay tuned!

Bookishly yours,