Las Gracias


I’m a writer. Like I’m actually calling myself one these days and I no longer awkwardly justify the title with a bunch of embarrassed little qualifiers.

My passport got three new stamps this year. I lived abroad for almost two months in destinations I never thought I’d see in real life - one of which I’ve now visited twice in one year.

I work in a charming bookstore and beautiful boutique in a progressive, tight-knit neighborhood. South Park gives me hope for the future and reminds me that we can and will  do better.

I get to read, by extension, for a living.

I’m healthy. In fact, stronger every day, thanks to pilates.

Friend circle is small and fabulous.

Family is thriving.

My love life... well, that is some bullshit but you know what? It just ain’t my turn. Do any of you know a Jason Momoa lookalike? Get at me. Like... please.

Right *now* right now, I’m sipping a fantastic 2014 Grenache from a beloved boutique San Ynez Winery and taking down some ham and stuffing leftovers in my Hermione Granger T-shirt. I’m reflecting on how many times I said I was happy today. And I am happy, guys. I’m so, so happy. There’s a lot of room to grow and a lot more hard work to get into but how inSANEly lucky am I to get to do these things??

I know it sounds like I’m bragging, and I guess I am in part. I’m also just genuinely thankful and honestly? I’m really fucking proud of myself. More often than not, I got in my own way in the journey here. It takes a lot of balls to say to the world, “I think my stories are worth telling” and even more so to stand up to people you love and say, “Yeah, I want to take this crazy risk.” 

Thank you, dear reader, whether you’re new to the blog or were down from day one. For reading my work,  giving me courage, and feeding my bookish spirit. gracias. Every comment, every text, coffee shop soul session and pat on the back has helped propel me forward in more ways than you know.


Humbled and Bookishly Yours,